Metathesiophobia 2011

Digital HD file, 16:9, 100 minutes and 54 seconds, sound
A cropped, long single-shot footage of three characters sitting at a table, who pack a white powdery substance into sachets, runs with an off-screen voice that reads René Descartes' ‘Meditations on First Philosophy’ (1641). For the sound, an extract from an audiobook of the work by Descartes was cut into sentences, which were then aleatorily pieced together. The ‘stitched’ voiceover lacks discernible meaning and this contrasts with the footage that is heavily loaded which apparent meaning.
Performers: Elisabete Goncalves, Zenaida Alfama Medina, and Irineu Destourelles/ Camera: Luís Carlos Fontes de Alencar Filho and Mamadou Diop/ Direct sound: David Medina.