Irineu Destourelles

Unevenly Spaced and Censored Anonymous Undergraduate Essay (version III)
2018, Digital HD file, 16:9, 13 minutes and 14 seconds, colour, sound
First exhibited at the Alice R. Rogers & Target Galleries, St John’s Art Centre, Minnesota, USA, 2018
An anonymous essay on the topic of critical reception artwork made by black visual artists runs unevenly spaced over a manipulated photograph of a section of an abstract painting. I commissioned the essay to an online essay mill company specifying the essay's title, that it should be written at undergraduate level, and supplied reference texts, including Charles Gaines' The Theatre of Refusal: Black Art and Mainstream Criticism (1993) and Henry E. Garrett's "The Equalitarian Dogma" (1961) published in the infamous journal Mankind Quarterly, published in Edinburgh when at its most influential. The background footage derives from a heavily darken photograph of a large abstract minimalist-like painting that I made in art school.