Ex-colonial Landscape with Different Filters 2019

MiniDV transferred to digital HD file, 4:3, 4minutes and 30 seconds, silent
Manipulated footage of a landscape from Destourelles's native island of Santo Antao in Cape Verde runs in parallel with phrases composed of quotes from Portuguese pop songs and Angolan civil-war leaders. The text interweaves extracts from lyrics from the 1980s and 1990s with excerpts from speeches made by the presidents of MPLA and UNITA, the two opposing factions during the Angolan civil war (1975 to 2002 with interludes). Here, pop culture and civil war meanings coexist, pointing towards different and interconnected Lusophone postcolonial realities; Portugal joining the European Economic Community as its former African colonies succumbed to internal conflicts and/or Cold War power dynamics.