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Emotional Exhibion Review 2016
Digital file from MiniDv tape, 4:3, 13 minutes and 13 seconds, colour, sound
Footage of an African urbanscape with voice-over that reads an unpublished review of a contemporary African arts exhibition.
The footage was filmed in Accra from the window of the hotel room where I wrote a draft of a review of the Dak'Art 2010 African Contemporary Art Biennial the day after I saw the exhibition. The voice that reads the text is an open-source text-to-voice software application that makes errors every-time it reads African language based words. I made this piece some six year after I wrote the text. I was spearheaded by encountering a photograph I had taken of a handwritten message left in the pages of a novel I found hidden in an hotel room in Dakar. The message is a harsh, if not racist, assessment of someone's experience of Dakar. Encountering the photograph prompted me to confront my initial emotional experience of the biennial and of Dakar.