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Unevenly Spaced and Censored Anonymous Undergraduate Essay 2018 (re-edited)
Digital HD file, 16:9, 13 minutes and 14 seconds, colour, sound
An anonymous essay on the topic of critical reception of conceptual work by black visual artist runs unevenly spaced over an image of a domestic environment with an abstract painting at its centre.
I commissioned the essay to an online company that specializes on writing student essays. I specified the essay's title, that it should be written at undergraduate level, and supplied reference texts, including Charles Gaines' The Theatre of Refusal: Black Art and Mainstream Criticism (1993) and Henry E. Garrett's "The Equalitarian Dogma" (1961). After concluding a BA in Painting in Rotterdam returned to Lisbon with the paintings that I did as a student. The background footage derives from a photograph taken in the house of a Lisbon based collector and the painting at the centre of the image is one of my few surviving student paintings which were influenced by 1980s german expressionism and American post-minimalism.