Monster's Walk in Ten Chapters 2022

Digital 4K file: 4:3, 37 minutes, sound
A melancholic dark monster arrives in a small rural town, walking through different types of public spaces that characterize the town. While this unfolds, a non-diegetic voice narrates a fairytale that tells a tragic story of love between a princess and a monster.
This work emerged from a residency Destourelles undertook with Deveron Projects in the rural town of Huntly in Scotland and is the result of dialogue with local residents. The fairytale pays homage to the fantasy literature works of Huntly-born writer and clergyman, George MacDonald (1824-1905), whilst embedding a critique of colonialist mindset.
Written, directed and performed by Irineu Destourelles/ Featuring Narration by Maureen Ross/ Costume Designer: Zephyr Liddell/ Costume Maker: Emily Smit-Dicks/ Director of Photography, Editor and Colourist: Daniel Hughes/ Sound Recordist and Mixer: Mark Readhead/ Story Editor: Lavendhri Arumugam/ Assistants: Anita Krasowska & Zuzana Fryntova. Produced by Deveron Projects, a Culture Collective project funded through Creative Scotland.