Sketches for Geometric Abstract Paintings and Corrupted Sound from a Visual Arts Lesson
Several Ways of Falling Ordered Differently
Supernatural Forces, Mental Health and Detail from Indoors
One Hundred and Two Houses on Fire
Ex-colonial Landscape with Different Filters
Unevenly Spaced and Censored Anonymous Undergraduate Essay
Glossary of Political Words (Almost One-hundred Definitions)
White Balance Error and Nia (Subject with Straight Long Hair)
Blurred Images of Two People Constrained by Time Fluctuating Between Acceptance and Rejection
Portrait Three of a Man with a Bad Head
Monsterization of the Representation of R.M.C.M.
Parsing (First and Second Half of an Essay, with Blank Spaces and Mistakes, Running in Simultaneous)
Emotional Exhibition Review
Twenty-five Profiles (Extracts from Interracial Adult Marketing Material with Explicit Words Taken Out)
Section of a (Lucrative) Landscape
New Words for Mindelo's Urban Creole
Absence of Movement and Suspension of Time
Where I Come From (Beginning and End of a Community Party Running in Simultaneous)