-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0. irineu destourelles
------------------------------------------------------------ 1. selected works
---------------------------------------- 1.1 videos
-------------------- 1.1.1. drawing based
Sketches for Geometric Abstract Paintings and Corrupted Sound from a Visual Arts Lesson
One Hundred and Two Houses on Fire
-------------------- 1.1.2. text based
Supernatural Forces, Mental Health and Detail from Indoors
Ex-colonial Landscape with Different Filters
Unevenly Spaced and Censored Anonymous Undergraduate Essay
Glossary of Political Words (Almost One-hundred Definitions)
Parsing (First and Second Half of an Essay, with Blank Spaces and Mistakes, Running in Simultaneous)
Emotional Exhibition Review
Twenty-five Profiles (Extracts from Interracial Adult Marketing Material with Explicit Words Taken Out)
New Words for Mindelo's Urban Creole
-------------------- 1.1.3. performative based
Several Ways of Falling Ordered Differently
White Balance Error and Nia (Subject with Straight Long Hair)
Blurred Images of Two People Constrained by Time Fluctuating Between Acceptance and Rejection
-------------------- 1.1.4. observational
Absence of Movement and Suspension of Time
Where I Come From (Beginning and End of a Community Party Running in Simultaneous)
---------------------------------------- 1.2. drawings
Portrait Three of a Man with a Bad Head
---------------------------------------- 1.3. paintings
Section of a (Lucrative) Landscape
------------------------------------------------------------ 2. about